Daily Inspiration: “People who win at the future never perceive for a moment that they might lose!”


“People who win at the future never perceive for a moment that they might lose!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

When you know, you know! When you know what’s next, and what you should do about it! Or that the particular action you are about to take is going to have an entirely predictable outcome!

That’s confidence, and it is a character trait that is shared by most successful people because they never for a moment think that they might not get to their destination. There are two types of confidence: the unviolable trust you place in others, and the confidence you place in yourself.

Self-confidence? It’s a belief in your core strengths and capabilities, despite the challenge that can come from the regular buffering of constant change. It’s an internal message that you can do it; the constant thought that you can achieve; the belief that you just need to continue to push on through. Successful people tend to build up their confidence wall through a regular effort to reinforce it through actions; it is not something that is simply gained but is something that is earned through effort. That very action of effort builds confidence.

Confidence is also directly related to your perception of your future and your belief in the accuracy of your predicted path – it’s feeling certain about what comes next and what you should do about it. This type of confidence is not based on action but is built on knowledge – you’ve developed sufficient insight through your research and previous experience to have a strong belief that you know how the next period of time will unfold. This is why successful people have a firm grasp of the future – they understand the importance of “knowing.”

Like all useful assets, confidence is not something that is easily attained; it comes through hard work, repetitive effort, and continual reinforcement through action, as well as continued research and analysis.

But once attained, confidence is a powerful asset, your foundation for an easier pathway into the future, and a runway for your launch into success.

But you knew that already, didn’t you!

As an aside, I’ve started filming a weekly video that looks back at the motivation for my motivation! It takes a look at the thought process and conceptual thinking behind each of my Daily Inspirations from the previous week.

Here’s the one I filmed yesterday about last week! You might find it a bit fun, and perhaps a bit inspirational, to watch!

One of the reasons I’m doing this little show has to do with confidence – as I return to in-person events, I’m also busy exploring how to continue to use my virtual broadcast studio. I don’t want to lose the skills I’ve developed – I’m building my confidence with content from within a small space. And based on a recent client conversation around a new opportunity I’m developing – a Futurist-in-Residence as it were – I’m pretty confident these efforts are going to pan out!



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